i can’t believe hyde himself made a post on the hydeist lj comm


oh wow look a hyde fan from an alternate dimension where he isn’t an egotistical little shit



>Implying a street team for a completely different band is going to affect the success of a tour

>Implying fangirls aren’t already shouting to the heavens about the US tour and haven’t been doing so SINCE FEBRUARY to the point of potentially alienating friends and colleagues

>Implying people handing out or putting up flyers in, oh I don’t know, Wisconsin or Texas or even San Francisco  for concerts in New York or Los Angeles are going to make a difference

>Implying two shows in the entire continent of North America instead of the previous 4-6 even constitutes as a tour

my favorite part (besides the “flyer army” the fuck year is it) is how she goes so far as to blame fans for universal’s piss poor “promotional” strategies and general lack of any effort whatsoever like ??????? your little street team for a completely different band isn’t going to do jack shit for vamps’ publicity especially with such little notice

it’s always nice waking up to petty fb drama though thanks xoxo

overheard midget ass-kissing comments circa 2005

1: Obviously he wasn't very involved in Smile because he only wrote two songs.
2: Smile is my least favorite album, so I'm not surprised he wasn't very involved. If he was, I would have liked it more.
3: I'm not really that fond of Tetsu and Ken's songs.
4: It's so cute when he runs out of breath in live songs. SUGOI KAWAII

it just isn’t a l’arc/vamps status update without one of these desperate ass posts in the comments section